Improvisation training


I’m Karla Suvanto, pianist, pedagogue and creator of Improkortit – Improvisation Cards. I’m a classical pianist by training, and I use improvisation in many different ways when teaching music. If you or your work community are interested in finding out more on how to use the Improvisation Cards as a tool for teaching music, don’t hesitate to contact me through the “Contact information” page.

Below, you can find examples of different training options.

Courses and training

Getting Acquainted with Improkortit

Basic training for teachers of musical instruments, where we examine the contents and principles of the Improkortit and provide different working methods that you can use in your own teaching. The training includes a lecture and improvisation exercises together. If you want to, the training can also include the teaching and observing of students of different skill levels in a group or individually.

Secrets of the Improkortit

Further training, building on the “Getting Acquainted with Improkortit” course. The training is based on the material of the previous training and the working methods learned there. “Secrets of the Improkortit” should be organized 2 to 4 weeks after the “Getting Acquainted with Improkortit”, so that the people who have attended the previous training have had the time to try out the Improkortit in their own work.

Let’s improvise!

An improvisation course for music schools students. The main focus of this training is on group improvisation with Improkortit and other improvisation methods. The course concludes in an improvised concert.

Is the training you want missing?

Contact us and we can tailor a training just for you together!